After a year of existence, Team Envol have become a big entity on the swimrun scene. When everything started in November 2017, Nicolas Remires’ plan was to create a new community of swimrunners. A place where experiences and knowledges will be shared, where it will be easy to find training and racing partners.

The goals were reached, by far. Team Envol was represented in so many swimrun events, in different countries, on short and long distances, in every category. Some new partnerships are born. Some athletes only wanted to test the swimrun and they ended up totally addicted, looking for more in 2019. Some of the Team Envol members only want to train with others and be part of the journey.

In 2019, Team Envol will open its membership to an international crowd. Some ambassadors will be located in different countries and organise swimrun events. One of the goal is to have more Team Envol on the starting lines of swimrun races all around the world. Ötillö world series will still be the main competitions to be represented, but with the support of our sponsors, Team Envol members will be seen also on others international swimrun events.

To become a member will provide you all the advantages of Team Envol:
– Access to training plans
– Access to the private forums and discussion groups
– Best deals from our sponsors
– Support with race registration
– Help and advises from experienced swimrunners

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