On Envol Coaching YouTube channel, you will get descriptions of all the ÖtillÖ series and WC courses, and much more. Also we will bring you tips and news about swimrun.

First content of the channel is a fully detailed video explaining the specificities of ÖTILLÖ Hvar. A second video will be added in the next weeks explaining nutrition, gear and what to do during the last 24h before the race.

ÖTILLÖ Hvar is a long race with 31,5 km running and 8,8km swimming, and it is important to consider all the details of the race during the training if you want to perform at your best on race day.

Three distinctive features make ÖTILLÖ Hvar an especially tough race:

– The third swim is almost 3km. It is a crossing between the two islands where currents can be quite strong. In 2017, during the first edition of the race, almost 50% of the competitors had to abandon because of that swim.

– The second loop of ÖTILLÖ Hvar starts with a long 14km run. With two steep climbs followed by a never-ending false flat, that section can be experienced as brutal if not correctly prepared.

– The runs are rough on the coastline. Rocks are sharps and can also be slippery. Some agility training will prepare you for those rocks.


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